Thursday, April 26, 2012

Farragut National Honor Society, 31st Street Seniors, Earth Day, Events

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                               Farragut Career Academy
                           National Honor Society Officers
Left to right: Class of 2012. Uriel Ramirez, President; Mariela Alcantar-Villagomez,
Vice-President; Guadalupe Arreola, Secretary; Milika Reyes, Treasurer.
 Class of 2013. Maribel Flores, Secretary; Humberto Castellanos, President;
Veridiana Saucedo, Treasurer; Diana Loyola, Vice-President. 
HONOR SOCIETY: A breakfast was held at Farragut Career Academy, 2345 S. Christiana Ave. on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 for students, and their parents, celebrating their induction into the National Honor Society. The breakfast celebration was organized by Farragut teacher Mrs. Victoria Park-Keeney who has done fabulous work with the students. These students have a high GPA, are involved in extracurricular activities, sports, clubs and service learning. National Honor students focus on college, service, leadership and character development. The students are eligible for scholarships upon graduation. “I hope that in spite of financial and other obstacles I can help them succeed so that they can give back to their community,” said Park.
TONYA HAMMAKER, Interim Principal at Farragut said to the students: “We are here to celebrate your amazing accomplishment of being inducted into the National Honor Society. Each of you have made great achievements in the realms of Scholarship, Leadership, Community Service and Character. Becoming a member of the National Honor Society is not an easy task. I congratulate each of you and your parents. You are the best and brightest in this school and I am very proud of you, as are your teachers, who are here to honor you today.  And, parents, thank you for supporting your children in their academic pursuits. We wish you all continued success in the future!”
FARRAGUT NATIONAL HONOR: FARRAGUT SENIORS, Class of 2012: Mariela Alcantar-Villagomez, Daniel Almanza, Guadalupe Arreola, Christopher Carmona, Cristal Castro, Noel Fontanez, Eva Gallegos, Jazmine Garcia, Fernando Gonzalez, Deysi Gutierrez, Selene Hurtado, Daisy Isidoro, Froilan Marchan, Raul Raigoza, Uriel Ramirez, Milika Reyes, Jasmine Romero, Carina Ruiz, Betsabe Salgado, Diana Sanchez, Vanessa Sanchez, Oliva Tenorio, Laura Topete and Yurivia Vargas.
SOCIETY JUNIORS, Class of 2013: Katherine Abeja, Maria Aguilera, Joanna Arroyo, Ricardo Astorga, Maria Bahena, Ashlie Blanton, Humberto Castellanos, Maria Claro, Eduardo Contreras, Karina Corral, Maribel Flores, Jonathan Gallegos, Estephany Garcia, Maria Garcia, Veronica Gonzalez, Cecilia Gutierrez, Yessica Guzman, Magaly Islas, Jennifer Lopez, Diana Loyola, Cynthia Martinez, Alexandra Navarrette, Michelle Padilla, Beatriz Sanchez, Veridiana Saucedo, Alicia Torres and Brenda Velasquez.
Arlene Zriny
 31ST ST. SENIORS: Arlene Zriny, President of the 31st Street Senior Club in Little Village announced the club is conducting a membership drive. Anyone interested in joining the 31st Street Senior Club should call Piotrowski Park at 312/474-6608 to register. Club members meet every Monday at 9:30 a.m. to 12 Noon at Piotrowski Park, 4247 W. 31st in Little Village. 
PRESIDENT ZRINY said:  “We socialize, drink coffee, snack on baked goods, play bingo, enjoy the company of others and occasionally take trips.” A trip is scheduled for Thursday, May 24, 2012 to Silver Lake Country Club for a luncheon and entertainment. It’s called a “Happy Birthday to All” event and the members and friends will be leaving  Piotrowski Park, 4247 W. 31st St. at 10 a.m. Cost: $41.
A FUN TRIP to the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Ind. is scheduled for Monday, June 18, 2012.  Club members and friends will leave from Piotrowski Park at 9:30 a.m. and return at 4:15 p.m. Cost: $5.00. “The 31st St. Senior Club has been in existence for more than 75 years. It was the first club organized at the park when the park was built, known at Keeler Park. Later it was changed to Piotrowski Park. We are the oldest Senior Club in Little Village”, said Zriny. Sally Martinez is the Vice President of the Club. Donations and financial support are always needed. “We welcome the support of public figures,” said Martinez. 
Left to right: Christian Acuna, Jose Juarez, Abertano Rivera,
Jonathan Hinojosa, Saul Silva, Adriana Perez
EARTH DAY: Cleaning up the Little Village neighborhood is a weekly chore. Volunteers and members of the Little Village Community Council are always organizing clean-up campaigns throughout the year. In the winter we shovel snow for seniors and the handicapped, then it is spring cleaning followed by summer sweeping and trash pick-up. Members and volunteers are reminded that we must take pride in our community by keeping our neighborhood as clean as possible.  

                                        CALENDAR OF EVENTS
Every Thursday from 7 p.m. to midnight Mechanical Bull ride at Lobo De Mar Restaurant, 5503 W. Cermak Road. 708/298-9182.
Sat., May 5th Cinco de Mayo Tequila Festival presented by Hispanic Pro, 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Vertigo Sky Lounge, 2 W. Erie St. Early bird online ticket price: $15. Call: 312/867-0631.
Sat., May 5th Grand Opening 24th District Community Service Office in Little Village, 26th St. & Tripp Ave. at 11 a.m. Hosted by State Rep. Lisa Hernandez and State Sen. Steve Landek. All residents are invited.