Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pawnshop update, Free haircuts

                 PAWNSHOP UPDATE: Over 80 Little Village residents and businesspeople travelled to City Hall by bus and car to attend the Zoning Committee meeting on Tuesday, July 12, 2011.
                 THE ZONING COMMITTE agenda was a request for a zoning change by Texas RMD I, LLC, owners of EZPAWN Shop.
Businessman Emi Gutierrez and supporters
stands in front of the EZPAWN
location near 26th St. & Pulaski Rd.
On the window is the Public Notice
for a zoning change date.
                 THE CHANGE is a B1-3 Neighborhood Shopping District to a B3-3 Community Shopping District. This change would allow EZPAWN to establish a pawn shop at 3959 W. 26th St.
            TESTIFYING AGAINST the zoning change and EZPAWN, speaking in Spanish, were Rev. Guillermo Hincapie from Ill. State LULAC, LV businesswomen Rebeca Vega, Lourdes Casas and Maria Gutierrez. The translator was Julie A. Contreras LULAC Midwest Commissioner and coordinator of the rally to City Hall. Testifying in English were Hill Torres, Eduardo Gutierrez, 10 years old; Emi Gutierrez Jr., Alejandro Castro, President and Nilda Esparza, Executive Director for the Little Village Chamber of Commerce and Abraham Duenas, owner of Catedral Café.  
                 CASAS SAID: “Pawnshops do not promote our values, culture or identity.”  “Ald. Munoz is creating insecurity in the community,” said Maria Gutierrez.
Rebeca Vega, Nilda Esparza, Abraham Duenas

                 A LETTER by City Clerk Susana Mendoza against the EZPAWN was read by Alex Castro and it was mentioned that State Representative Elizabeth Hernandez also was against the zoning change. A letter was sent to Mayor Rahm Emanuel about the LV community position. More than 750 signatures are on a petition opposing the zoning change and EZPAWN.
Ald. Ricardo Munoz
                 ALL OF THE Little Village speakers made excellent and deeply moving arguments regarding the negative impact of pawnshops on the businesses and residential community of Little Village. Presently there are three pawnshops in Little Village and two other shops in close proximity. “We don’t need another Pawn shop,” said Emi Jr.
                 ALDERMAN RICARDO MUNOZ [22nd Ward] addressed the Zoning Committee by saying: “I urge a favorable consideration of the Committee for the Zoning change.” The Zoning Committee chair Ald. Howard B. Brookins Jr. [21st Ward] called for a vote. Ald. Brookins Jr. announced that the motion for changing the zoning passed.
                 ANGERED AND with disbelief by Ald. Munoz going against his constituents’ concerns for the future of the Little Village; the residents immediately walked out of the Chamber. Businessman Emi Gutierrez said: “We will not give up this fight”!


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