Monday, March 25, 2013

Elizabeth "Lisa" Hernandez Fundraiser, Edward "Eddie" J. Acevedo, Franklin Park Mayor Barrett Pedersen, John Johnson, Andy Ybarra, Tommy Thomson, Karen Special, Open House Silvana Tabares, Marybelle Mandel, Haircuts & Manicures

Lisa Hernandez & Edward "Eddie" J. Acevedo

          FUNDRAISER: State Representative Elizabeth “Lisa” Hernandez [24th District] committee hosted a fundraising event at the Atlantic Mall in Little Village Tuesday, March 10, 2013. Over 150 supporters and State officials attended Hernandez’s event.
          SPECIAL GUEST was State Representative Edward “Eddie” J. Acevedo [2th District]. Acevedo is the Assistant Majority Leader in the House and Chairman of the State Legislator Hispanic Caucus. Acevedo was the sponsor of the Illinois bill which gives undocumented drivers a temporary license lasting three years. His leadership was instrumental in its passage.
          GUESTS enjoyed a tequila tasting bar and unique music by the Tarima Sun group. Catedral Restaurant provided food and refreshments. Rep. Hernandez thanked all of her friends and supporters.           
          ON SAT., March 16, State Rep. Lisa Hernandez hosted a Diabetes Awareness Fair with more than 130 people attending this free event. Co-hosting the Diabetes Awareness event was State Rep. Michael Zalewski [21st District] and State Senator Steven Landek [12th District].
John Johnson, Andy Ybarra, Barrett Pedersen, Tommy Thomson, Karen Special
          FRANKLIN PARK: Incumbent Mayor Barrett Pedersen and his slate has received the endorsement of several Unions. Prior to becoming an attorney Pedersen was a member of the Painter’s and Teamsters Union. He supports his union brothers by carrying the Allied Union Label on both his business and annual Christmas cards.
          PEDERSEN’s father was a 37 year member of the International Brotherhood of  Electrical Workers, Local 134.
          THE HISPANIC AMERICAN LABOR COUNCIL has unanimously endorsed Barrett Pedersen for Mayor, Tommy Thomson for Clerk, John Johnson, Andy Ybarra and Karen Special for Trustee. The Village of Franklin Park has a population of 18,415 with a Latino population of 44%. The Election is April 9, 2013.
Left to right: Manuel Carerra, Alaina Hampton,
 Silvana Tabares  & August Sallas
          TABARES OPEN HOUSE: Last Saturday, March 23, 2013, State Representative Silvana Tabares [21st District] opened her district office in the Little Village [22nd Ward] community. Tabares’ office was packed with constituents. Rep. Tabares greeted all her visitors and guests mingling and shaking hands with everyone. “I look forward to giving service to everyone in my district,” said Tabares.   
          COMMITTEES: State Rep. Tabares serves on the Appropriations-Higher Education; Higher Education; Insurance; Small Business Empowerment & Workforce and Housing committees.
          OFFICE HOURS: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Office manager is Manuel Carerra and Alaina Hampton, staff.
          FOR MORE information, Rep. Tabares’ constituent service office at 773/522-1315 or e-mail 
Marybelle Mandel
          LATINA CANDIDATE: Marybelle Mandel [nee Sanchez] is the first Latina trustee candidate to run for public office in the North Riverside suburb. “The Republicans in North Riverside have been doing everything in their power to knock me off the ballot,” said Mandel. Mandel’s party is called the “Transparency & Accountability in Politics” party.
          MANDEL is a graduate from St. Mary’s Elementary and Riverside Brookfield High Schools.
          ON TOP of the “Transparency & Accountability in Politics” ticket is Mayor Rocco J. DeSantis with Clerk Peter M. Culafic, Trustees Marybelle Mandel, Luigi “Gino” Labellarte, Annabelle Downs. "We are the Democratic Party candidates," said Mandel 
          NORTH RIVERSIDE has a population of 6,700 residents, 15% Hispanic and 64% are Democrats. The “Transparency & Accountability In Politics” party is endorsed by the Hispanic American Labor Council. The Election is April 9, 2013. 
                                                                 HAIRCUTS & MANICURES: More than 110 residents of Little Village received free haircuts and manicures Saturday, March 23, 2013 at the Little Village Community Council. Students from the American Career Institute of Berwyn did an outstanding job providing the free service. “The event was a success,” said Pat Caraballo, President of the ACI institute.
          STUDENTS from Jesuit Cristo Rey High School in Pilsen assisted ACI students by cleaning around their work stations.