Thursday, April 12, 2012

Latino Wards, F.A.C.E., America's Career Institute, El Dragon, Mike Wallace, Alijah Shell, H.E.A.L. Meeting

          NO SHOW: Here are the stats on how many registered voters voted and how many did not vote in the eight Chicago Latino wards in the Tuesday, March 20, 2012 Democratic Primary Election.
                                  Registered                     Votes                   Votes
                                    Voters                          Cast                   NOT Cast
WARD 1:                     26,893                         3,661                     23,232
WARD 12:                   13,134                         2,195                     10,939
WARD 22:                   14, 961                        2,582                     12,379
WARD 25:                   21,023                         3,285                     17,738
WARD 26:                   22,029                         2,697                     19,332
WARD 30:                   19,794                         2,184                     17,610
WARD 31:                   20,085                         2,912                     17,173
WARD 35:                   21,860                         3,603                     18,257
            IF WE are to have a strong voice in government, we must get out the VOTE!
Alexandra Lopez
         F.A.C.E.: Alexandra Lopez is the CPS Family And Community Engagement (FACE) Manager for the West Side High School Network. She works with 26 high schools located in the Pilsen, Little Village, Humboldt Park, Austin, Garfield and North Lawndale areas. "Most of my schools are predominantly Latino and African American with most students are from low-income families," Lopez said.
           LOPEZ's passion is for school, family and community engagement and making sure all three have long-lasting partnerships. FACE is a new initiative designed to promote these partnerships. "The most important thing is communication and working as a collaborative. My approach is to reach parents on a very constructive level in order for them to stay up-to-speed with what is going on in the school and to be involved with the children on a day-to-day activities," said Lopez. 
          LOPEZ wanted to join the Chicago Public Schools Office of Family and Community Engagement to help empower parents so that they are actively involved in their children's lives and become engaged community leaders. Her role as FACE manager is to bring parents resources that they may not have by collaborating with Principals, Community Stakeholders (Aldermen, Community Organizations etc.) and CPS.
           ACCORDING to Lopez it is a proven fact that extensive communication, along with family and community engagement, student achievement increases.  Lopez said, "High school students need a lot of guidance and we have to start by reaching their parents. We want to ensure that every child has access to a world class education and graduates college and career ready." To learn more about FACE, call Alexandra Lopez at 773/534-9773.
          HAIRCUTS: Students from America's Career Institute, in Berwyn, gave haircuts and manicures to more than fifty residents in Little Village Sat., April 7, 2012. The event was a "win-win" for the community and ACI students. "Students enjoy coming to the Little Village Community Council, they gain experience and credit hours; the residents save on haircuts and manicures," said Patty Caraballo, owner of the Institute. Their next scheduled visit to the LV Council will be July 7, 2012.  
          BUSINESS OF THE WEEK: The Chinese Restaurant, El Dragon, 3331 W. 26th St. opened its doors one week ago. The manager, Jenny Hsu, said they have been in the restaurant business 10 years. The restaurant has been upgraded and remodeled in Chinese decor. It is comfortable and clean. El Dragon serves Chinese [not Mandarin] food improved and with a Mexican flare. Jenny said, "Our chicken wings are very popular." Meals are served with sweet, spicy or sour sauce and El Dragons' servers are attentive and bilingual. "We like it here [Little Village] because it is a family orientated community and a perfect location for our viable business venture," said Jenny.
Jenny Hsu
          EL DRAGON is open for business Tuesday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Closed Mondays. Prices are competitive. No delivery available yet, but carry-outs are welcome. Phone: 773/823-1830 and FAX 773/833-1835 and website: Go to El Dragon and enjoy a delicious Chinese meal! 
          IN REMEMBRANCE: Mike Wallace, 93, died Saturday, April 7, 2012. He was the "best television interviewer ever" said one of his colleagues. Several years ago, I met Mike Wallace when he came to City Hall [Chicago] to visit Mayor Richard M. Daley. I was working in the Information Booth in City Hall; and as Mike Wallace was passing the booth I asked him if I can take a picture with him. "Yes, if you have a camera," said Wallace. In this brief moment, I told Mike Wallace "60 Minutes" was one of my favorite shows and I enjoyed his style of interviewing. Wallace thanked me for my comment. I will always remember Mike Wallace as being an icon giant in journalism. He was candid and straightforward in interviewing his guests. In his lifetime, Wallace interviewed seven presidents, plus the infamous Ayatollah Khomeini, China's Deng Xiapoing, Dictator Manuel Noriega, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi. Wallace was a Communications Officer in the U.S. Navy during World War II, than worked in Chicago as a reporter for WMAQ, WGN and WBBM. Wallace said, "I have a special feeling about this town [Chicago]”. He was highly respected by his peers and I admired Wallace as a reporter, he was a class act. Watch "60 Minutes" Sunday, April 15 at 6 p.m., on Channel 2 for a special program dedicated to Mike Wallace. 
August Sallas and Mike Wallace
Alijah Shell
          IN MEMORY: The wake of young Alijah DeAnna Shell [10/11/05-3/17/12], 6, killed Sat., March 17, 2012 in Little Village was held at Lawn Funeral Home in Burbank and Mass at Good Shepherd Church in Little Village. There were only two public officials who attended the wake to pay their respects, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy. Anyone wishing to make a donation to help pay for funeral expenses can do so by sending checks to Alijah Shell Fund, Chase Bank, Acct. #982308355, Routing #071000013. May young Alijah rest in peace.
      PUBLIC MEETING: Irene R. Acosta, Uprising Prevention Specialist, announced that the next HEAL meeting is Monday, April 30, 2012 at 7 p.m. at Universidad Popular, 2801 S. Hamlin Ave. The meeting will be open to any member of the Little Village community in the following categories: business within the community, resident/volunteer in the community, civic or volunteer organizations, college/university or other schools, Faith based organizations, Healthcare professionals, Law enforcement agencies, local state courts, media, mental and behavioral health agencies and youth serving organizations. For more info call Irene R. Acosta at 773/733-5055.