Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Hispanic Vote, Chinatown Christopher Kennedy, Tony Shu, Martha Gutierrez, Breakfast With Santa Claus, Juan Manuel Marquez

          MY OPINION: It’s been reported that Immigration reform is expected to be taken up by Congress starting next year. It was also reported that the Republican Party and its members in Congress are adamant in their opposition that will give undocumented immigrants amnesty. It’s a foolish position for the Republicans to keep blocking amnesty for undocumented immigrants.
     WE ALL know that America desperately needs a new comprehensive immigration policy. Why do lawmakers want to bog themselves down for years and years with all kinds of ridiculous legislative maneuvers?   
          POLITICALLY, what Republicans don’t realize is how their position will backfire because it will only energize Hispanics to organized, register to vote and to vote against them. It is a fact that the Hispanic voting power is growing. Hispanic power is the only solution that will speed up immigration reform; and it’s the only thing the Republican Party apparently will understand. The Hispanic voters in America will make the Republicans pay for their opposition to amnesty.
          WITH AMNESTY, America can stop breaking up families and start building up its workforce in the marketplace where workers are needed. Lawmakers should instead use their time and energy concentrating on their fiscal responsibilities and solve our country’s gigantic debt problems.
Tony Shu
          CHINATOWN held a Business Luncheon, Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012 at the MingHin Cuisine Restaurant, 2168 S. Archer Ave., Chicago with Christopher Kennedy, Chairman,University of Illinois Board of Trustees as their keynote speaker.
          WELCOMING remarks were made by Tony Shu, Chairman of the Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. Chairman Shu introduced Paula Allen-Meares, the Chancellor,University of Illinois at Chicago for a few remarks then
Chairman Shu introduced Chris Kennedy to the audience for his presentation.
          CHAIRMAN KENNEDY began his speech by introducing Stephanie Neely, Treasurer of the City of Chicago as a long time friend who he met at Smith College in Western Massachusetts. “I understand the importance of commerce and the mission of the Chinese-American community,” said Kennedy. He talked about the importance of the our ties with China that it’s important to all of our interests. “Last year, 3,600 students from China enrolled in our three campuses—University of Chicago, Champaign-Urbana and Springfield,” said Kennedy.
Chris Kennedy 
          WHILE Kennedy was talking, servers were placing food on the tables, but no one was eating while Kennedy was speaking out of respect. Chris told the audience: “I am the eleventh child of Robert and Ethel Kennedy and when I was speaking at the [family] table everyone else was eating. So, please feed yourself, but don’t take my lunch.” His sense of humor, relaxed everyone.
        KENNEDY said that the benefits of the University is not limited to the people of our nation, but is instead global in scope whether it’s in Chicago of Beijing.
      “IN ILLINOIS, Kennedy said, “only good things happen when a lot of different people work together.”  Just recently the Chancellor of Urbana, Phyllis Wise, announced the preliminary plans this fall to construct a University office in China.
          “IF YOU love this country you must care about our research universities. History teaches us that what happens in Illinois will happen to the rest of the country. If we get stronger, the country will get stronger. If we get weaker, so goes the nation”, said Kennedy.
        HE SAID that the State [Illinois] is weaker now than it has ever been before; with rising taxes, including a 4% annual growth rate, declining taxable assets and the fourth highest state debt in the country of $270 billion. Job growth is not rising. Jobs are being consolidated. “Our job growth is not bouncing back,” said Kennedy.
           “CONSOLIDATION is the most important economic trend. The largest grocery store in the United States today is Wal-Mart. Half of the entire food industry today is control by six companies,” stated Kennedy.    
Christopher Kennedy & August Sallas
       DURING his speech Kennedy used a visual chart board. After this speech, Kennedy accepted questions. He was very cordial and had his photo taken with anyone that wanted one. 
Martha Gutierrez
          IN ATTENDANCE at the luncheon was Martha Gutierrez, Associate Director for Community Relations. “Marty”, as she is called, works in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for External Affairs at the University of Illinois at Chicago [UIC]. She formerly worked in Mayor Richard M. Daley’s administration in City Hall for many years; and she has a wealth of experience in government. 
          BREAKFAST WITH SANTA: The 4th Annual Pancake Breakfast with Santa was held at the Cicero Stadium, 1909 S. Laramie, Cicero, IL. Hosting the event was the Chicagoland Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade organization and sponsored by the Bennigan’s Restaurant, 150 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago. Attendance was 300 parents with children. 
Santa Claus & Aron Flores, 5
          THE CHILDREN had their picture taken with Santa Claus and given a large Christmas sock filled with candy and a toy. Santa put the little kids on his lap and asked them if they were good this year. He was a jolly Santa. Biker Brown Bear and Biker Snowman entertained the children at the breakfast.  One of the coordinators of the breakfast, Robert “Cooch” Kuczera, read the coloring story book “The Adventures of Toys For Tots”, while the “Toys For Tots” officers play acted a role in the story book as the children sat in a circle.         
          ALL THE guests and children were given a copy of the “Toys For Tots” coloring story book. Its story was created by Jerry Kuczera; and special thanks were given to Liz Padilla, Robert Cooch and Sal Massey, local artist. The coloring book was dedicated in loving memory of AJ Massey. 
Juan Manuel Marquez
   THE CHAMPION: Juan Manuel Marquez, 39, Mexican, aka “Dinamita”  knockout Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao, 33, Filipino,  in the sixth round of their fourth rematch Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. With a hard overhand right hand punch to the face by Marquez, Pacquiao hit the canvass out cold and face down. 
          PACQUIAO laid on the canvass for about two minutes before he was picked up dazed by his handlers. Pacquiao was immediately rushed to the hospital after being knocked out and underwent a CT scan, as a precautionary measure to check for a concussion. Marquez suffered a broken bloody nose, but this fight clinched the challenge who was the better fighter.          
          MARQUEZ is considered by some boxing experts to be among the greatest Mexican boxers of all-time.