Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Farragut Career Academy Tour, State Sen. Steve Landek, State Representative-Elect Silvana Tabares, Principal Tonya Hammaker, Major Peter Ramirez, Quineanera Princess Michelle Calderon, Hector "Macho" Camacho

Major Peter Ramirez, State Rep. Silvana Tabares,
Principal Tonya Hammaker, State Sen. Steve Landek 
          FARRAGUT  TOUR: State Sen. Steve Landek [11th District] and State Representative-Elect Silvana Tabares [21st District] were given a tour of Farragut Career Academy, 2345 S. Christiana Ave. on Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012 by Principal Tonya Hammaker. 
          BOTH SEN. Landek and State Rep. Tabares were impressed with the curriculum, student body, JROTC program, teachers and the overall cleanliness of the facilities. Maj. Peter Ramirez escorted the visitors to the Gen. George S. Patton Jr. Academy ROTC section of the campus. Two ROTC officers, LTC Humberto Castellanos [senior] and Cadet Major Hildelisa Vera [senior] lead Landek and Tabares to the ROTC classrooms, and showed them the school murals, photos, flags and trophy case. 
Principal Tonya Hammaker, State Rep. Silvana Tabares, Major Cadet Hildelisa Vera,
LTC Humberto Castellanos, State Sen. Steve Landek
          FARRAGUT’S NEW JROTC Director, Major Peter Ramirez, had the ROTC cadets stand in attention in the stairways and hall while Landek and Tabares were in the Patton ROTC area of the school. It was an outstanding presentation in honor of the two state officials by student cadets. 
Cadet Major Hildelisa Vera,
LTC Humberto Castellanos,
State Sen. Steve Landek
          PRINCIPAL HAMMAKER guided her visitors to the college room, staff physical fitness room, Spanish classroom, Care room, Learning Center and Law Center, Band room, automotive shop and the North gym. “We have many students who participate in academic clubs and sport activities,” said Hammaker. 
          HAMMAKER INFORMED the legislators how Farragut Career Academy has earned a Level II and is in good standing; no longer on probation. She reported Farragut is staffed with 92 teachers for a student body of 1,300 [279 students are JROTC cadets] and school attendance is now at 87%. 
LTC Humberto Castellanos,
State Rep. Silvana Tabares,
State Sen. Steve Landek 
          THE LEGISLATORS THANKED Principal Hammaker and Major Ramirez for an excellent tour of Farragut.  Hammaker thanked the legislators for visiting the school and have invited them to return.
          QUINEANERA PRINCESS: On Friday, Nov. 23, 2012, parents David and Norma Calderon celebrated their daughter,  Michelle Calderon,  15th birthday with a “Quinceanera”, a Mexican fiesta tradition. Family, friends and guests were invited to start the celebration by attending Mass at St. Pancratius Church, 4025 S. Sacramento Ave., Chicago. 
Michelle Calderon 
          MICHELLE, dressed in a beautiful Aqua colored grown, was escorted to the front of the altar by her Chambelanes of Honor Rafael Ramirez and Chambelanes [escorts]Jose Serna, Martin Watson, Pedro Blanco, Joseph Ruiz, Josem Gonzalez and Luis Melendez. Mariachi musicians played during the procession and Mass. 
          A RECEPTION of 400 guests celebrated the evening with food, refreshments, Mariachi music and danced to Banda “Karibe” music.
          MICHELLE, graduate of Brighton Park Elementary, a freshman at Kelly High School. She has been an honor roll students since Pre-K and is recipient of the Citizenship Award; an award given for helping other students. Michelle’s mother, Norma, said: “Michelle loves to sing; and is in the choir. She also enjoys playing soccer and dancing”. Michelle will be travelling to Mexico in December with her family. 
          A TEN COUNT: Retired Hector “Macho” Camacho, 50, a Puerto Rican boxer tragically died of a heart attack in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Nov. 21, 2012. He received a serious gunshot wound to his face causing Camacho to be brain dead. “It would be a miracle recovery medically we can do nothing,” said Rafael Rodriguez Mercado, president of the Medical Sciences Campus. 
Hector Camacho
          FLASHY CAMACHO was a skillful and colorful showman of a boxer. He would enter the ring dressed as a gladiator, an Indian, or cowboy. He won 88 fights, losing only six. The fans loved to see Camacho fight because he was a slugger and his punches were fast. “His fights were nothing short of violent performance act”, it was  reported. 
          HE FOUGHT Edwin Rosario, Julio Cesar Chavez, Ray Mancini, Jose Luis Ramirez, Vinny Pazienza, Oscar DeLa Hoya, Sugar Ray Leonard lost to Greg Haugen. For refusing to touch gloves at the start of the final round, Camacho lost a point fighting Haugen. 
          IT IS a tradition in the sport of boxing when a boxer dies he is given a “Ten Count” by hitting the ring bell slowly 10 times signifying that he is out. This is done while family, boxing officials and fans stand silently in memory of the boxer. 
Hector was famous for saying, “It’s Macho Time.” Yes, it was. May he rest in peace.