Thursday, April 19, 2012

College Workshop, Fiesta Time, Golden Gloves, LV SSA #25

          COLLEGE WORKSHOP: Chicago Public School [CPS] West Side High School Network and the Little Village Community Council will be hosting a Scholarship Informational Workshop. The workshop will be held at Benito Juarez Community Academy High School, 2159 S. Laflin St. in Pilsen Thursday, April 26, 2012 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
          SERVICES available by:
CPS Office of Pathways to College and Career
          Financial Literacy
          Undocumented students
U.S. Department of Education
          Federal Financial Aid
Illinois Student Assistance Commission
          State Student Aid
City Colleges of Chicago
          FAFSA Workshops
 Illinois Education Foundation

          HIGH SCHOOLS targeted are Farragut Career Academy, Spry Link High, and the Little Village Campus Schools: World Language, Social Justice, Multicultural and Infinity.
          FOR MORE information contact CPS West Side High School Network at 773/534-9770.
Vania Lopez & Elisa Bigurra
Los Bom Pleneras
    FIESTA TIME: "Culture Night" was hosted by Columbia College Latino Alliance organization.  Students were celebrating the organization’s 25th Anniversary with a fiesta. The celebration was held at the school's Conaway Center, 1104 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago. Food, music, dancing and a raffle was enjoyed by students, friends and family. Advisor to the Latino Alliance, Mark Kelly, said, "Latino students and alumni are young, creative, and will shape the world in the future. Latino culture will become the most exciting.”
Oveous Maximas
 ENTERTAINMENT was provided by Las Bom Pleneras, an all female, Bomba and Plena musical ensemble; poet & Hip Hop rapper Oveous Maximas, and dance group Juventud Boliviana and a female singer and guitar player. The entertainment was exceptional and the food was delicious and plentiful.
          THE JUVENTUD BOLINVIANAs’ ten dancers are Miriam Bigurra, Vania Lopez, Ellsa Bigurra, Mauricio Herrera, Geraldoyn Lopez, Ina Schaeffer, Melanie Schaeffer, Ximena Biguerra, Patricia Gonzalez and Diana Martinez. For more information about the group contacted Miriam Bigurra at 224/595-8078 or email 
          LAS BOM PLENERAS can be reached by contacting directors Ivelissa Diaz at 773/441-1650 or Jessica Rodriguez at 773/386-5685. Or, or
Katie Popawski
          GOLDEN GLOVES: It was a night of champions at the 2012 Golden Gloves Tournament Saturday, April 14, 2012 at Gordon Tech High School. Fifteen bouts of three rounds, each weight class pitted the best thirty amateur boxers in the Chicagoland area to become champions.
          Open 123 Weight Class: Champion Adrian March [Scottsdale Park] beat Kevin Martinez [Jaw Breakers Boxing Club].
          Senior Novice 156 Weight Class: Champion Leonard Brady [Garfield Park] beat Matt Mannina [Leydon/Veteran Park].
          Female Senior Novice 119 Weight Class: Champion Katie Poplawski [Fist Law BC] beat Merdeth Lyons [Chicago BC].
          Novice 147 Weight Class: Champion Eddie Ramirez [Jesse Torres BC] beat Raymond Doroteo [Will County BC]. Flores is a tough fighter.
Eddie Ramirez
           Novice 125 Weight Class: Champion Jose Rivera [Rum Mai BC] beat Hector Guifarro [Park City].
          Female Senior Novice 139 Weight Class: Champion Jaime Jacobson [Fist Law] beat Shelley Kahles [Flo Mma]. This was the best fight of the evening. It was a slugfest and the crowd reacted by giving them a standing ovation.
          Female Senior Novice 147 Weight Class: Champion Natalie Yakhorwky [KMI BC] beat Jill Rizzo [Chicago BC].
          Open 165 Weight Class: Champion Limberth Pone [Alley Cat BC] beat Nathaniel Gallimore [Alley Cats].
          Novice Heavy: Champion Mitch Nix [KMI BC] beat William Hoyfield [Unattached].
Master Class: Champion Ralph Vera [52] [Chicago BC] beat Phil Ranstrom [55] [Degerberg Academy].
          Novice Super Heavy: Sebastian Antosiewicz [Chicago Fight Club] beat Renee Pina [Pina BC].

Little Village Special Service Area #25
Commission Meeting
3rd Tuesday of the Month
Tuesday, May 15th 
9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
LV Chamber Office
2458 S. Millard Ave.