Thursday, February 2, 2012

Obama's Speech, Stephen Ngo, Scholarship Alert, Events

          OBAMA's SPEECH: Watching and listening to what President Obama had to say in his "State of the Union" speech Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2012 was interesting, inspiring and informative. What I liked about his speech was how he explained the problems of America; following up with suggestions on how to fix the problem or what action he would take to solve the problem. However, when it came to the problem of illegal immigration the subject was void of a solution.
          IN CASE you missed what President Obama said in his "State of the Union" about the problem of illegal immigration. Here it is, verbatim:
          "And let's also remember that hundreds of thousands of talented, hard-working students in this country face another challenge; the fact that they aren't yet American citizens. Many were brought here as small children, are American through and through, yet they live every day with the threat of deportation. Others came more recently, to study business and science and engineering, but as soon as they get their degree, we send them home to invent new products and create new jobs somewhere else. That doesn't make sense. I believe as strongly as ever that we should take on illegal immigration. That's why my administration has put more boots on the border than ever before. That's why there are fewer illegal crossings than when I took office. The opponents of action are out of excuses. We should be working on comprehensive immigration reform right now. But if election-year politics keeps Congress from acting on a comprehensive plan, let's at least agree to stop expelling responsible young people who want to staff our labs, start new businesses, defend this country. Send me a law that gives them the chance to earn their citizenship; I will sign it right away. You see, an economy built to last is one where we encourage the talent and ingenuity of every person in this country." 
          MY OPINION: Here's what President Obama and his administration must do now:
STOP ICE from separating families who have children that are legal citizens.
STOP the pain and suffering of families of illegal immigrants.
STOP harassing employers who hired Mexicans.
STOP raiding factories and companies who employ Mexicans.
STOP States from illegally passing and enforcing laws against Mexicans.
STOP prosecuting illegal immigrants.
STOP making hallow promises to the immigrant community.
           IT HAS been reported that ICE has deported more illegal immigrants during Obama's administration than any previous administrations. Putting "more boots" on the border is not a solution. What is needed is a "comprehensive immigration bill" coming from the Office of the President to solve the problem of illegal immigration. Obama should push and lobby aggressively for a comprehensive immigration law as he did for National Health Reform.
Dolores Huerta
          SEVERAL YEARS ago I suggested to former Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico to lead a group of prominent Mexicans of national stature to meet with President Obama to discuss the problem of illegal immigration. The group should also include other top Mexican leaders in politics, labor, business, entertainment, sport, medicine, law; plus organizations like MALDEF, La Raza, LULAC, G.I. Forum, LCLAA and USHLI, Dr. Juan Andrade Jr. For starters acclaimed personalities such as Dolores Huerta, Edward James Olmos, Henry Cisneros and Antonio Villaraigosa come to my mind.
          THE TIME for this idea is NOW. Obama wants Congress to send him a [immigration] bill which he can sign. We must ask Obama to send Congress a comprehensive immigration bill to consider; and a bill he will sign.
Stephen J. Ngo
          NGO PROFILE: Stephen J. Ngo is the Principal of World Language High School at the Little Village Campus in the Little Village neighborhood. He has been the principal for the past three years and has work in Chicago Public Schools [CPS] system for 15 years. The number of students enrolled at World Language is 373.
          "MY EXPERIENCE here at World Language has been that students have a high level of respect for the staff. It is a real pleasure to be here. From academic probation, we have now moved to Level II Good Standing. We have the tools to do better. We have great kids here," said Ngo.
          WORLD LANGUAGE has a relationship with Busan, Korea and the school is presently developing a relationship with Spain.  Ngo wants his students to achieve literary skills to be successful, to graduate and to continue their education. "I want to put the students in the best possible position to be successful at a University, trade school, junior college after graduation. Some type of post secondary education", said Ngo.
          STEPHEN NGO graduated from Dominican University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, May 1989; The University of Illinois at Chicago with a Master of Education in Instructional Leadership, August 1994; Loyola University in Instructional Leadership [Type 75 Administrative], March, 2003 and Loyola University, Doctor of Education, Administration & Supervision anticipated May, 2013.
          FURTHER EXPERIENCE includes Harvard University, Graduate School of Education with a Certification and completion of Data Wise course, June, 2011 and United States Marine Corps Educator Workshop in San Diego, CA in February 2011.
          NGO's PROFESSIONAL background experience includes being a student teacher at Argo Community High School in 1994 teaching World History and Criminal Law; English teacher at Matsubushi Prefectural High School in Saitama, Japan [1994-1997], teaching English grammar, writing, reading and oral comprehension; Social Studies Department Chairman [2003-2005] at Steinmetz Academic Center High School, Chicago; and Social Studies Teacher [International Baccalaureate History of the Americas] and Assistant Principal at Steinmetz Academic Centre High School [2005-2009].
           PRINCIPAL NGO served as a Sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserve, 86th Army Reserve Command in Forest Park. He was the Public Affairs specialist/Photo Journalist responsible for all aspects of public relations for the second largest Army Reserve Command in the U.S. from 1986 to 1994.
          ORGANIZATIONS: Ngo is presently a member of the Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development, International society for Technology in education and National Staff Development Council. He received the two following awards: 2002 SUAVE Performance Plus Award and 2005 Chicago Public Schools DRIVE finalist.
          LITTLE VILLAGE High School is located at 3120 S. Kostner Ave., Chicago, 60623. Phone: 773/534-4376 and FAX 773/535-4276. We congratulate Stephen Ngo on his accomplishments and outstanding work as an educator.  
          SCHOLARSHIP ALERT: REACh is the acronym for "Resources for the Education of Adults in the Chicago Area" helping adults in the Chicago area who want to return to college. REACh is non-for-profit consortium of educational, civic and corporation organizations. Check out information for REACH Scholarships at


Bobby Hull
Saturday, Feb. 11--Cicero President Larry Dominick Presents: RIC Blackhawks Sled Hockey Team vs. Cicero Fire & Police Dept. at Bobby Hull Community Ice Rink, 3400 S. 53rd Ave. from 11 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  FREE outdoor hockey game. For more info call Kathy Ordman at 708/656-3600, ext. 537
Tuesday, Feb. 21--Little Village Special Service Area #25 Commission meeting at 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Little Village Chamber of Commerce office, 2458 S. Millard Ave.
WednesdayFeb. 29--"Meet the Candidates" dinner meeting hosted by the Hispanic American Labor Council. Meet State, County and Judicial candidates at Mi Tierra Restaurant, 2528 S. Kedzie Ave., Chicago/Little Village, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Mexican buffet/Cash Bar, Open Seating. Donation: $40. Mail and make check payable to Hispanic American Labor Council, 2538 S. Christiana Ave., Chicago, 60623. 
Thursday, Mar. 1--Friends of M. Frank Avila reception Honoring Commissioner Frank Avila from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at 6201 W. Touhy Ave., Suite 2. Hosted by the Hispanic American Labor Council. Individual ticket $150. Make check payable to Friend of M. Frank Avila. Pay at the door or call 773/763-2300. 
Sunday, Mar. 4--LAPA "Si Se Puede!" Comedy Jam with comedian Jose Sarduy direct from Texas. Joe's Bar, 940 W. Weed St., Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets $20 each. For ticket information contact or call Ruben Dominguez at 773/501-2277
Saturday, April 14--Universidad Popular's 40th Anniversary Gala starting at 6 p.m. at UPs Community Center, 2801 S. Hamlin Ave. in Little Village. Tickets $50. Dinner, dancing, presentations and a silent auction. Tickets are available on UP's website: or call Joanna Zuckerman Bernstein at 773/733-5055x14.