Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fund Raiser, Challenges, LV Chamber Moved, A Protest, Union Hall of Fame

Sheila Simon & Michael Cabonargi
FUND RAISER: Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon was the special guest at Commissioner Michael Cabonargi's, [2nd District] Cook County Board of Review fund-raiser. The holiday reception held Friday, Dec. 9, 2011 at the Allergro Hotel in downtown Chicago was well attended by many friends and supporters of Commissioner Cabonargi. Also in attendance was Colleague Commissioner Larry Rogers Jr. [2nd District] Board of Review.
          COMMISSIONER Cabonargi sponsors seminars on how homeowners can appeal their property assessment. "We want to make sure people pay [property taxes] what they have to pay and not a dime more," said Cabonargi. The Commissioner said his first job fresh out of college at the age of 22 was an intern for Paul Simon. "I drove Paul Simon around and being with Paul Simon I got to know what public service is all about. You can't be taught integrity or character, it has to be innate," said Cabonargi. He introduce Sheila Simon as someone who comes from a family of public servants.
          LT. GOV. SHEILA SIMON told a story about her dad, Paul Simon, who grew up in Oregon and what he learned from his father. "Grandpa Martin was a Lutheran minister and had a Lutheran radio station. He told his listeners that we should not be interning Japanese citizens. This was the most unpopular thing to say at that time. Dad was embarrassed and neighborhood kids said that his dad was rotten. It was years later that my dad understood why his father did it. This was the most outstanding thing his father did in his life," said Sheila. She ended her speech by saying, "Do the right thing and support Mike."
          CHALLENGES: Objections have been filed against the nominating petitions of the following Latino candidates who filed their candidacy for the Tuesday, March 20, 2012 Democratic Primary Election.

  •  2nd State Representative District: Edward J. Acevedo nominating petitions are being challenged by objector Elias Espindola.
  • 3rd State Representative District: Luis Arroyo nominating petitions are being challenged by objector Denise Garcia.
  • 21st State Representative District: Rudy Lozano nominating petitions are being challenged by Jose Luis Garcia Jr.
  • 24th State Representative District: Elizabeth Hernandez nominating petitions are being challenged by Kevin Wunder and David Miranda.
  • 24th State Representative District: Neftalie Gonzalez nominating petitions are being challenged by objector Lelis V. Gonzalez.
  • 12th Senate District: Raul Montes Jr. nominating petition objections pending.
  • 1st Senate District: Edgar Diaz nominating petitions are being challenged by objector Elizabeth Diaz Castillo.
  • 1st Appellate Court: Rodolfo (Rudy) Garcia nominating petitions are being challenged by objector Roberto A. Villa.
  • 6th Subcircuit Cook: Carlos A. Vazquez nominating petitions are being challenged by objectors Ricardo Lugo and Carlos Claudio.
  • Clerk of the Circuit Court: Ricardo Munoz nominating petitions are being challenged by objectors Dorothy Walton, Leticia Boughton, Mark Gomolski and James Edwards.
  • 1st Ward Democratic Committeeman Jesse Ruben Juarez nominating petition objections pending.

David Orr
          COOK COUNTY ELECTORAL BOARD is chaired by Cook County Clerk David Orr along with  Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Circuit Court and Anita Alvarez, Cook County States Attorney. They will hear objections to Cook County candidate's nominating papers, petition and other disputes over candidacies. Electoral Board hearings will be held at the Cook County Administration Building, 69 West Washington St. in the Pedway Room Lower Level, Chicago. Open to the public. For scheduling of hearings call: English: 312/603-5656 or Espanol: 312/603-6767.
          NEW LOCATION: The Little Village Chamber of Commerce held their Christmas Party at their new office located at 2458 S. Millard Ave. in Little Village. Their office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Chamber's mission statement reads: "The mission of the Little Village Chamber of Commerce is to support, promote and enhance the growth and success of our local businesses and to leverage the community's assets, contributions and unique Mexican cultural identity to generate new business opportunities."
          LV CHAMBER OFFICERS: Alejandro Castro, President; Teresita Marsal Avila, Vice-President; Mark T. Doyle, Treasurer; Nilda Esparza, Executive Director and Vanessa Alvarez, Outreach Liaison. To contact the Chamber call 773/521-5387, FAX 773/521-5252.
          A PROTEST: A special meeting will be held at the Little Village Community Council, 3610 W. 26th St. from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011. This meeting is to protest the slated closing of the Otis Grant Collins Post Office,  2302 S. Pulaski Road, scheduled to be closed May 15, 2012. The post office serves the residents of the South Lawndale/Little Village neighborhood. All residents in Little Village are invited and encouraged to attend.
          "THE CLOSING of our Post Office will cut postal services in our community. We are one of several minority offices targeted to close," said Baltazar Enriquez, Coordinator of the protest organized by Little Village Community Council.
          GRAN PROTESTA! "Menos servicios postal en La Villita, meno entregos des cartas, linias largas, solo oficinas postales de minorias servan cerradas!", dijo Baltazar Enriquez, "cierran la oficiana del correo!"
Asistir a la reunion Martes, Dec. 20, 2011, Oficina de la Villita, 3610 W. 26th St., Hora: 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.
          INVITED to the meeting is Congressman Danny Davis [7th District] and Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez [4th District] or their representative. "We also invited the Postmaster General of the Chicago Postal Stations," said Baltazar. For more info call 773/522-2552.
          UNION HALL OF HONOR: The Illinois Labor History Society celebrated their 2011 Union Hall of Honor reception with an evening at The Timeline Theatre, 615 W. Welling Ave. with the production play of "The Pitmen Painters". The play was about a group of coal miners in Northern England. The miners took an art appreciation class becoming painters and creating an outstanding body of work. They became art world sensations.
          THE FIVE male and two female actors in the "Pitmen Painters" gave an outstanding performance. The acting, storyline, visual arts and setting of the "Pitmen Painters" was excellent. It was serious, hilarious and enjoyable theatre-in-the-round intimate setting.
          AT THE reception five artists were introduced and inducted into the Union Hall of Honor. John H. Walker, Illinois miner leader and muralists Mike Alewitz, Kathleen Farrell, Alejandro Romero and Charles White. Each artist was given a plaque for their contribution to labor history artwork.
          PILSEN MURALIST Alejandro Romero was inducted into Union Hall of Honor for his murals reflecting the labor movement. He grew up in Mexico and was influenced by his neighbor and mentor, David Alfaro Siqueiros. He began is art studies in 1967 and was profoundly affected by England muralist Charles Spencer who painted murals depicting the British industrial workers.
Alejandro Romero
          ROMERO came to Chicago in 1976 and has created art for unions and community organizations. The stage bill reads: "His murals' strikingly vivid colors bring joy, power and life to his portrayals of communities, working people and revolutionary leaders."  Alejandro has painted murals for Central States Council and the Chicago Federation of Labor. Each of his murals are a celebration.
          ILHS PRESIDENT LARRY SPIVACK said: "Today we honor a coal miner and several artists. ILHS invited our friends and members and the general public to see this play, The Pitman Painters, because it captures the essence of life for all of us and indeed, the meaning being the historical struggle for a shorter work day; the revolutionary idea that one could spend part of their day not only working to survive, but having the time to create and contribute to our humanity embedded in art, music, creativity and association."
          SPECIAL GUEST at the reception was former ILHS President emeritus Les Orear,100, who said: "It's good to be alive and well and speaking to you!"  The evening ended with musician Bucky Halker playing the guitar and everyone holding hands singing "Solidarity Forever for the Union makes us strong."   I give the play four stars. Illinois Labor History Society, 28 East Jackson Blvd., Suite 1012, Chicago, 60604, phone: 312/663-4107.